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My home then...

and now.

About Us


I chose Lost Villages Candle Co. for the name of my company to reflect the historical past this part of Eastern Ontario holds.


At 8 am on July 1, 1958, 10 communities were permanently submerged when a large cofferdam was demolished when the flooding for the creation of the St. Lawrence Seaway started, displacing 6,500 people.

Years previous to the flooding many homes and families were relocated to newly planned communities, including my current place of residence, Long Sault. Pictured on my logo and my labels is my house, pictured here, it was the very first home in Long Sault, moved from the lost community of Maple Grove.


To this day my house remains one of the many homes that are all part of a historical tour put on by 'The Lost Villages Museum'. 


More information on the Lost Villages can be found here: Lost_Villages


Meet Kathleen

I've always been a creative, artistic person; that passion began in high school. While my friends were taking cooking and sewing classes I would take welding and woodwork, I figured learning a trade would suit me better, besides I already knew how to cook and sew!


Throughout my life I was always making something; furniture items for my home, crafts with my kids, craft nights with my girlfriends, or just making crafts for anyone in need of a unique, handmade gift. Fast-forward to today... as I age and became a grandmother, nostalgia seems to be more on my mind than ever before. The words "time flies' have never been more true. memories and 'old times' are even more special now and with each memory a fragrance comes to mind, like the smell during a trail run in the forest, or sitting beside the ocean and noticing the smell of the sea air, my candle line will reflect some of those fragrance memories, and yes, even the sea air!

I'm hoping my candles will bring back special memories for my customers too.


I've always loved candles, who doesn't! Whether its relaxing in a bath full of bubbles with wine and good music, a romantic dinner, or just setting up a peaceful, fragrant ambiance, candles have always brought me a sense of 'calm' after a stressful day and I'm hoping they will do the same for you.


Last year when I purchased my home and learned of the history and memories it holds, everything just fit to name it 'Lost Villages Candle Co.' I want to recreate special memories for others, so they can re-live them too.


                         I'm excited to see where this goes!

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